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Hi Everyone, I seem to be having a lot of trouble with PayPal on my site, Re Payment Gateway.

So i am implementing a New gateway shortly with a banking corporation, I sincerely hope this will add more security to my site as well as making purchases much easier and more streamlined for my clients. If you are a prospective client or an existing client and you have any Questions at all please do not hesitate to either give me a Call or Email me at either or

Also i would like to point out that all my products come from the USA and therefore it does take between ten to fourteen days for delivery on average, Some purchases can take a little less time but if you allow around fourteen days you will receive your purchases by then. If not please do not hesitate to give me a call (my phone number is on site ). cropped-2013-04-27-004.png

I am always searching and looking for new and interesting products for the site and I have a heap of new products that have come on-line recently.

So please take a look at all of my products Online as i am sure you will find what ever you are looking for! Also my site SexeToysUnlimited means a hell of a lot to me as want to bring the very best Sex Toys on the market to my clients as I know from first hand experiences that Not all Sex Toys are cracked up to be what they say they are, So rest assured that the Sex Toys I have on my site are all usable and they come from the very best manufactures in the world today like Doc JohnsonCalifornia ExoticsPipedreamsRimba Electro ProductsRocks Off LtdStreemmasterStrict LeatherTantusTop Selling Toys For MenTrinity VibesWand Massager 

Bondage Gear- Restraints

Restraints from Strict Leather available from

to name just a few. So as you can see if your into your Sex Toys that all of the above are the very best Sex Toy manufactures on the planet. It has always been and will always be my aim to bring the best Sex Toys on the market to my clients and if you do purchase a Sex Toy from SexeToysUnlimited I would Encourage you to leave a quick review. It Helps others just like you to be informed and also to learn a little more about the Sex Toy you are or might be thinking about purchasing. Leaving reviews also helps my site get better with Google page rankings which i will reward with Big Discounts to show my appreciation for your time as well as it helps others who visit the site make more informed choices.

Bondage Gear-Masks

Masks Available for those looking for anominity

So please do leave reviews as it helps all of us who use the site and it also helps all of us become better acquainted with each other on the site. After all if we all help each other doesn’t that in turn help you make better choices? One other thing that I want to try and do is bring the Sex Toy Industry out of the dark ages and into the 21st century where by all can benefit. As you probably all remember not so long ago the Sex Shops of yesteryear were in the industrial back blocks mostly where the unsuspecting public generally frowned upon most of these shops thinking they were for the deviant. Thankfully that perception has nearly disappeared thankfully in part to SexyLand   and franchises like those as well as Fifty Shades of Grey the Erotic Book that tweaked individuals minds of the young and old

Also Apologies for being absent of late as i a have been busy working. So please get behind SexeToysUnlimited  so that I can continue doing what I love and thats bringing you Informative and Innovative sex toys and reviews that I know I love presenting to you Guys and Girls, Couples and of course Singles out there who enjoy playing with the myriad of Sex Toys, Bondage Gear, Sex Swings, Vibrators and Anal Toys available on SexeToysUnlimited


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