TENGA the Masturbation Toy for Men

The TENGA line of products are basically Masturbation Toys.

Hi there, SexeToysInc here. I thought I would just touch on some of the New Products on SexeToysUnlimited that might interest the guys out there who might find themselves on there own or indeed those couples out there who like to be adventurous.


TENGA Comes in a variety of Shapes and sizes and is only limited by your imagination. There is the TENGA DEEP THROAT CUP, The TENGA DOUBLE HOLE CUP, The TENGA ROLLING HEAD CUP Masturbator, The Egg Series like the Clicker, Spider, Wavy and the TENGA Easy Beat Egg Masturbator-Variety 6 Pack. All are easy to use with some only being able to use once and others can be washed and cleaned and re-used. These Self Masturbating Toys are unsurpassed and are a handy (pardon the pun) useful Masturbator for those on the move. They are relatively cheap and a great way to relieve the stresses of a Hard Day or indeed a Hard Night. You can purchase these little beauty’s from SexeToysUnlimited


Hi, I have been involved in the Sex Toy, Party and Alt lifestyle for 23 years. I have gained a lot of insights into what works and what people are looking for re there pleasures and granted every body is an individual however every body is looking for the same thing in reality, "Pleasure" the only difference is what pleasures you may not pleasure me and who am i to push my beliefs onto you? As long as your smiling your happy and content. That's all that really matters in life! "Really" Sometimes i do ask myself How the hell did you find that "Pleasurable" and that's not being judgmental! I'm just curious at times with how people's minds took them down there particular path to arrive at what pleasures them! It's like i understand what they might be into is not for everyone and each to there own but i have to ask at times, How the hell did you get there?? SexEtoysInc

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