Penis Size. Does it Really Matter

What was the one experience that completely changed your life?  What happened?  How did it change your life?

Have you ever been in a situation where your Penis size bothered you?  It may have been that your on your third date lol you know that elusive third date that we are all supposed to Go for it? Who really set that benchmark anyway? You know the one where if you text to early or not to early apparently shows if your to keen or not really interested? For gods sake why do we put so many pressures on ourselves. Shouldn’t we just be able to enjoy the feeling of meeting someone special and just going with the flow


I have sat at many a round table with some very close friends (all Females) and let me tell you, I thought guys were bad but Girls/Women Wow they know how to get right down to the nitty gritties with regards to length, shape, size, thickness, foreskin, does it hang to the left or right was he/she a good kisser, Did they include long lingering kisses, lots of foreplay, touching, teasing, Did he/she go down on you ? Like its a prerequisite or something Sheesh. In my experiences you should do what feels right at the time! Not made to do anything that makes us feel uncomfortable or eek can i say it ?? Mechanical!

However it seems to be the norm that if she goes down on me then i’ll go down on her or visa versa which is sad as I always thought and its the caption on SexTotsUnlimited “If It Feels Good Do. It If Not Don’t”. So we all should feel comfortable in our own skin, what we are dealt with when we are born is what we have got so we should Never feel incomplete because of societies pressures or what we hear growing up in the school yards or anywhere for that matter. If any one feels this sort of pressure seek out someone you can speak to freely, a councilor at school if your a student or theres the family doctor? A good friend, Your local Sexual Health Clinic or there are numerous Help lines On Line.

From my experience its not the size that matters lol but more how you use it, and if you do happen across a size queen? Hey come have a look at some of the products i have on SexeToysUnlimited I’m sure i have a size that he/she will find satisfying, I have in stock huge insertables, Huge Anal Toys for both Men and Women that are sure to satisfy.


Hi, I have been involved in the Sex Toy, Party and Alt lifestyle for 23 years. I have gained a lot of insights into what works and what people are looking for re there pleasures and granted every body is an individual however every body is looking for the same thing in reality, "Pleasure" the only difference is what pleasures you may not pleasure me and who am i to push my beliefs onto you? As long as your smiling your happy and content. That's all that really matters in life! "Really" Sometimes i do ask myself How the hell did you find that "Pleasurable" and that's not being judgmental! I'm just curious at times with how people's minds took them down there particular path to arrive at what pleasures them! It's like i understand what they might be into is not for everyone and each to there own but i have to ask at times, How the hell did you get there?? SexEtoysInc

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