Vibrating Sex Toys for Men and Women

These days, it has become much easier to buy vibrating sex toys. However, with so many options to choose from, it can also be a more complicated daunting task. You can easily browse sex toys online and even read numerous reviews and testimonials from people who have increased their sexual pleasure with these devices. From a wide range of osculating, buzzing, tickling, penetrating, music driven, nuzzling, rechargeable and battery operated vibrators, you may not know where to start your search. Therefore, we’we’ve listed some of the most popular types of vibrators easily available online at affordable prices.


G-Spot & Prostate Vibrators :In the last few years, these vibrating sex toys have become very popular among both women and men. They allow couples to be more creative during their sexual pleasures. These vibrators can be used for anal/prostate and g-spot stimulation. This is the reason why such vibrators can be used by both genders in many different ways.

Clitoral Vibrators – For years, these vibrators have been most popular. This is because the clitoris is quite similar to the tip of a guy’s penis. It is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Most men understand the importance of stimulating the head of there penis during sexual play. Without proper stimulation, sex is not as pleasurable.

These vibrators provide exceptional stimulation with increased blood circulation and flow. Therefore, they help in increasing the sex drive of a woman. Most women believe that using these vibrators on a regular basis helps them achieve powerful orgasms. SDAC521-BX

Penis Vibrators – Cock Rings, Vibrating Rings and Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves and vibrating rings are not limited to male pleasure. They can also be used by women. Usually, these vibrating sex toys provide a squeezing sensation around a man’s penis and stimulate it much further with a vibrator. While some men prefer this vibration to occur at the base of the penis, others enjoy this sensation at the tip of the head.

Anal Vibrator – Since the taboo around this area of your sexual pleasure is wearing off, anal vibrators have become extremely popular. According to some studies and researches, prostate massage in men can significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, men are using these vibrators more than ever. Moreover, the pleasure of stimulating the penis and prostate at the same time is much like a woman receive while stimulating her g-spot and clitoris at the same time. Women achieve multiple orgasms and now men can experience the very same sensations if indeed they can lower inhibitions instilled in most guys minds from an early age either from the family home or peer groups!


Dual stimulations always result in perfect orgasms. In recent times, even women have started appreciating the pleasure received from anal stimulation. While some women still prefer small dildos, other use larger ones.

Nipple Vibrators – Vibrating nipple suction, clamps and other vibrating sex toys are meant for both women and men. These sex toys have adjustable vibration and pressure levels. You can also use nipple vibrators in other areas of the body like testicles, clitoris and ear lobes. According to some studies, nipple vibration in women can affect the intensity of clitoral stimulation. Therefore, sexual drive and pleasure is enhanced.

There are many different types of vibrating sex toys. These are just some of the products i stock. However,you can browse SexeToysUnlimited for any number of Exciting toys,Sex Swings,Anal Toys,Cock Rings,Sleeves,Bondage Gear or any other toy that may take your fancy.

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Hi, I have been involved in the Sex Toy, Party and Alt lifestyle for 23 years. I have gained a lot of insights into what works and what people are looking for re there pleasures and granted every body is an individual however every body is looking for the same thing in reality, "Pleasure" the only difference is what pleasures you may not pleasure me and who am i to push my beliefs onto you? As long as your smiling your happy and content. That's all that really matters in life! "Really" Sometimes i do ask myself How the hell did you find that "Pleasurable" and that's not being judgmental! I'm just curious at times with how people's minds took them down there particular path to arrive at what pleasures them! It's like i understand what they might be into is not for everyone and each to there own but i have to ask at times, How the hell did you get there?? SexEtoysInc

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